Holiday card

We had a Holiday Card contest with the other designers at work. I didn't win, but I thought I would share!



It has been a very long time since I have posted any new stuff. Unfortunately my computer died. My hard drive crashed and I lost everything on it. Not thinking something like this would happen so soon, I didn't bother to back up my stuff. :(

Suprisingly I am not really that upset about losing everything I've done this past year. I have to look at this in a positive way for me to start over and create better work. I believe it is the work that I produce after college is more important and the work I did in school.



Here is something that is in the works right now. I'm going to focus more on the drawing before I take it into illustrator.


T Shirt Design

This was a collaboration piece. I was given the art with the mask and the rose sitting on top of piano keys, and I decided to add a little more flair to it.


Dancing Mariachis

Here is a 10 second animation that I did in my motion graphics class. Again we had to use a television network, but it had to be ten seconds. Still needs some tweaking but I thought I would go ahead and post it.


Logo animation

This was an assignment for my motion graphics class. We had to pick a television network and animate their logo.


This is a video that I'm working on in after effects. I'm learning how to rig a character in illustrator to animate in after effects. I'm just experimenting and having fun with this. Just a reminder, I'm still learning so I'm not a pro at this yet.


The Sun

I did a few variations of the sun. Joe Thiel (my illustration teacher) wants me to stick with the one with no face, but I like one with a face. I'm not sure which one I will choose for thesis. I have no time to decide, I have a lot of work ahead of me and I'm currently working on "The Star." I'll have that up soon.


The Moon

I'm still playing with the idea of the mix culture of Latin America in the U.S. In the dark part of the moon I have a drawing of the Aztec Moon Goddess. I'm probably going to keep working on the flag to make it look more like an American flag.

The background was pretty cool so I thought I would post it since it gets lost in the final.


This is kind of a collaboration with my girlfriend, Kelly Versaggi who is a senior computer animator here at Ringling. She needed a movie poster for thesis, so I let her have fun with the Boo Boo Monster. This image will be pinned on a bedroom door of her thesis animation.


Cute Little Monster

My attempt at a 'cutesy' looking monster.


Another Self Portrait

The skull is an aztec symbol of death which seems to have me in its mind as much as I have death in mine.


The Boot

It's thesis time and here is a sneak peak at my fist piece.