Here is a self portrait that I did to try out some different things. It wasn't that well received by Thiel. He pretty much ripped it off the wall and crumbled it into a ball to throw it back at me. hahaha. I thought I would do a more conceptual self portrait on how I feel about this year. I feel like I can absorb in everything like a sponge and produce an image "from the heart." I feel like by doing everything from the heart I am being true to myself and producing art is becoming more fun and exciting everyday.

Below is a self portrait I did my junior year. It was a very crazy year for me so this is pretty much how if felt about that year. I stretched a piece of fabric over wood and the rest is paper cut out that I painted with acrylics and pasted together.


rain, rain, go away

Here is a finished piece for my children's book that I'm trying to write. In the beginning he gets out of bed and looks out the window to see a bright sunny day. He gets really excited, because he gets to go outside and play with his friends. He runs to the door and as soon as he opens it up, its poring. Kinda of a like a typical day in Florida.


A Man with a Beautiful Voice

I finally got around to revisit this guy. I fixed the pattern and added roses so it's like he's singing beautiful music.


Casualties of Football

This is from an article about how football players play hurt during games. They end up suffuring in pain from these injuries for the rest of thier lives after their career ends.



This was an overnight assignment to do some spot illustrations of food.



Here is something I am working on for my children's book class. I can't decide if his name should be Marvin or Garvin. I would love some feed back. Thanks!


Vicente Fernandez

Portrait of one of Mexico's most well known singers, Vicente Fernandez. It is still a little rough. work in progress.



This is a digital piece I did of an old man on his 95th birthday. He decides to go sky diving and spreads his wifes ashes as he falls.




Fun Stuff

Work in progress.


Sketch book

Just a little somethin', somethin' I did in the ol' sketchbook. Just a little bit inspired by Sam Webber


Hugs and Kisses

Oil on canvas. This is a commission of a friend and his girlfriend.


Disco Bunny

Oil on illustration Board
A portrait of my roomate, Mclean!


Jimmy Urine

Mixed Media. Painting of the lead singer of my favorite band, Mindless Self Indulgence.

The Blue Demon

Woodcut of one of my favorite Luchadors!

Releasing The Eagle Powers

Etching on copper plate.




The Twins

Oil painting of the Olsen Twins. Hottness!

Blue Platoon

This is a mixed media piece. It is an illustration of an article that I found in 'Time Magazine' about Marines in Iraq. The Blue Platoon were being attacked by Rocket Propelled Grenades and watched their comrades die. Even though they had a chance to pull out of Iraq, they wanted to stay to fight in honor of their friends.


this is a sketch based from a Grimm's fairy tale. I forgot the name of the tale, but it was about a little girl going to a witch's house to get fire for her evil family.


conte on toned paper


hi everybody! i'm finally on this thing. yay!