Disco Bunny

Oil on illustration Board
A portrait of my roomate, Mclean!


Jimmy Urine

Mixed Media. Painting of the lead singer of my favorite band, Mindless Self Indulgence.

The Blue Demon

Woodcut of one of my favorite Luchadors!

Releasing The Eagle Powers

Etching on copper plate.




The Twins

Oil painting of the Olsen Twins. Hottness!

Blue Platoon

This is a mixed media piece. It is an illustration of an article that I found in 'Time Magazine' about Marines in Iraq. The Blue Platoon were being attacked by Rocket Propelled Grenades and watched their comrades die. Even though they had a chance to pull out of Iraq, they wanted to stay to fight in honor of their friends.


this is a sketch based from a Grimm's fairy tale. I forgot the name of the tale, but it was about a little girl going to a witch's house to get fire for her evil family.


conte on toned paper


hi everybody! i'm finally on this thing. yay!