Holiday card

We had a Holiday Card contest with the other designers at work. I didn't win, but I thought I would share!


Cateris said...

Luis, I didn't know you had it in you to be so adorable. Hehe :)

mclean said...

Luis is really just a little girl at heart. He's got some old nick-names to match!

Jamie Pogue said...

Hey Luis! Your stuff is looking great. I was looking at something that reminded me of you today. I stumbled onto this artist while looking for an art rep today. I emailed him with a couple questions today and it turns out he's actually a Ringling grad (1994...this is also the second Ringling grad from this rep which makes me hopeful). Anyway, his name is Orlando Ramirez, and he's done 3 children's books written by Cheech Marin and he wins a bunch of Latino book awards.


It reminded me of Theil explaning your aspirations of being THE Latino illustrator. I think you still have a chance too, because I like your stuff better than this guy's, hehe. Hope you're doing well man.