Keys to Success

I got the privilege to work on a music video with a bunch of talented artists here in AZ. I hope you enjoy!



I was inspired by a coworkers tattoo, who is an amazing designer. I thought I would have fun and throw my own spin on it. :)


Business Card

Just for fun

Found a tutorial in a Photoshop magazine. I thought I would give it a try and see if I could get anything out of it. I just learned an interesting way of using the warp tool and selecting odd shapes with the marquee tool to delete certain objects. It's always refreshing to do stuff that's outside my realm of things.


If U Only...The Mixtape

I got the chance to make an album cover for a very talented singer named Chester Gregory. You can download the mixtape that was done by my friend Moses Lujan, for FREE! Check it out!

Click here
to download the mixtape!