The Sun

I did a few variations of the sun. Joe Thiel (my illustration teacher) wants me to stick with the one with no face, but I like one with a face. I'm not sure which one I will choose for thesis. I have no time to decide, I have a lot of work ahead of me and I'm currently working on "The Star." I'll have that up soon.


mmcintos said...

Luis, your stuff is looking awesome.

I really like the style you choose for your cards!!

Sandra Lucia said...

I like the sun with the sunglasses the best because its Ironic. But I would choose the one with out a face for your thesis because It is uniform with the moon. Even though the sun with the sunglasses has character if you picked that one you would have to go back to the moon and give him a face. Any way I am loving your Lottery thesis wish you the best of luck in finshing it. Im certain that it will turn out amazing!!!!!

Take Care

Cateris said...

These really are coming out great. I would pick the one on the bottom, but that's me. I'm a sucker for big cheesy faces. :)