Here is a self portrait that I did to try out some different things. It wasn't that well received by Thiel. He pretty much ripped it off the wall and crumbled it into a ball to throw it back at me. hahaha. I thought I would do a more conceptual self portrait on how I feel about this year. I feel like I can absorb in everything like a sponge and produce an image "from the heart." I feel like by doing everything from the heart I am being true to myself and producing art is becoming more fun and exciting everyday.

Below is a self portrait I did my junior year. It was a very crazy year for me so this is pretty much how if felt about that year. I stretched a piece of fabric over wood and the rest is paper cut out that I painted with acrylics and pasted together.


Anonymous said...

1234 shut the door

Andres1991 said...

yet again man you havent stop surprising me i love your art man its inspiring me to draw to full potential

Andres1991 said...