Here is something I am working on for my children's book class. I can't decide if his name should be Marvin or Garvin. I would love some feed back. Thanks!


Kelly Versaggi said...

oooo....I love it! I love it! only thing i can say that looks strange is his stiff pose and his fingers and thumb look glued together. It would be sweet to see him in a more natural, or relaxed pose. GREAT JOB!!!

Jennifer said...

you're right, he is pretty cute. garvin? can't say that i've ever heard that name before so i'm going to have to give my caesar vote to marvin, though now that i think about it i just think about the martian. uh...you should probably just disregard this comment.

Hey_nonny_nonny said...

garvin. ;) totally. i agree with kel--pretty darn adorable. (but not tooo much so! still a little man...)